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Graduation Editable Digital Kit PHOTOSHOP

Graduation Editable Digital Kit PHOTOSHOP

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Where are my PHOTOSHOP LOVERS??? 👀👀


🎓🚨Introducing the ultimate Graduation Digital Kit for Photoshop - your one-stop solution for creating stunning, personalized designs hassle-free! With over 15 editable designs, templates, mockups, eBooks, price sheets, vendor lists, time & temp chart, and even a holiday calendar - this kit has everything you need to make your graduation season unforgettable. Simply plug in your images, colors, and name to customize and you're all set!! Don't miss out on creating picture-perfect memories effortlessly with our Graduation Digital Kit.🚨🎓

1.)Editable designs

6 Yard Sign Designs
18 shirt designs
•6 grad fan designs
•8 stole designs
•8 magazine graduation cover designs
1 grad pillow diploma design
grunge effects

2.) mock-ups

3.) templates (for stole, shirt, etc.)

4.) editable mockups to add on pic

5.) time and temp sheet

6.) holiday calendar

7.) Done For you grad captions

8.)Grunge effects for shirt

9.)Party favor templates

10.)grad Party favor editable design bundle

11.) photoshop Ebook

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