About QoB by TJ Wat

Queen of Blanks by Tahjanae Watkins

Crafting gives us a chance to make something that is truly tailor made to us, our families and our lifestyles. Even if we follow someone else’s pattern or instructions, ours will turn out differently. Crafting gives us a chance to express our true selves in our homes and lives. Here at QoB (or QoB - U) we want you to live your absolute best life; everything here is therapeutic - using our creativity and imagination to improve our overall lifestyle!



Tahjanae Watkins

As a Veteran of the United States Army, I've learned that your mind is vitally important to everything not only in your life - but around your life. After my time in the service, I decided to create a positive way for our creativity and imagination to help control our mindset.


At QoB - U (Queen of Blanks - University) we focus on bridging that gap. Where we teach anyone at any skill level the fine arts of crafting, sublimations, blanks, transfers, etc... Come and join us at QoB - U, and let's explore how wild our artistic passion together can grow.


Crafting is actually great for your health; did you know that arts and crafts can:


* Reduce stress

* Ward off depression

* Develop hand-eye coordination

* Teach you patience and focus


Meet us at QoB - U, so you can Catch these Crafts!!!